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Welcome to one of the internet's largest banking directories. Thousands of banks from
around the world are listed here. If your bank is not listed here - you're not letting the
world know that your bank exists! Email us your bank's URL for a free listing in our
Banking Directory. As your appreciation for the free service we provide for you and your
bank (including free updates) you are welcome to donate us any amount to help keep
it running by clicking on the button below (that will speed up the process significantly):
How Banks Can Promote Themselves

Purchase a
set or a collection of world banknotes and send them to children who can't
afford them otherwise. There's a chance when those boys and girls grow up, they will
remember your bank and may become your bank's customers.

million dollar or million euro bills and send them to your prospective customers.
There's a chance those people will appreciate your gift and will become your bank's customers.
You can also send these kind of million bills to your existing customers as appreciation.
Thank you for your kind donations! Please note, if you donate $1 we will only receive $0.67
since Paypal's minimum fee is $0.33. Bookkeeping costs may be higher than the small donation
amounts received, therefore please donate at least $5. Otherwise, please refrain from donating.
Also, please kindly include a mandatory note along with your donation, so that we know what the
donation is for. Otherwise we will refund the money back to your account, because we do not
accept anonymous and unmarked donations via Paypal. If you wish to send anonymous cash
donations for as little as $1 then please mail them to our
postal address.
List of Donators (with links to their websites) (minimum donation - US$20)
Email us your banking-related links and updates to:

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Or, alternatively, you can post your bank details on our forum:

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